""AAVA Prepares for ISO" "

Preparations are underway for AAVA getting ISO 9001:2008 certified.

THE long but exciting journey to excellence started during our Strategic Planning Session on June 27 -28, 2014. We would like to institute a continuous improvement program in order to consistently give our homeowners the level and quality of service they deserve. We would like to be always in a “pro-active mode” resulting in a low stress environment. There is a need for a strategy to realize these aspirations. There is no other way we can improve if we are going to do exactly the same as we have done in the previous years. The foregone conclusion was “Something must be done fast, right way, all at once. Something must be done now!”


Amid the complexities and difficulties of managing a big subdivision like Ayala Alabang Village, the AAVA Board and Management devised a straightforward strategy under the theme “Creating Our Future Towards Excellent Service Right Here... Right Now!!! “. That is, “Innovate systems and processes to ensure quality services are provided in an efficient and timely manner”. ISO 9001 2008 has been made an integral tactic of this strategy. More specifically, this is to adopt seamless and standard systems and processes to replace localized/ad hoc methods of problem solving and decision-making. Our objective is to be ISO 9001 2008 certified by March 2015 with the end result of having a Quality Management System in place. We know there is a lot of work to be done but this has not created disenchantment but rather has posed a challenge for all of us to be certified. Ms. Edna Castillo, Academy Support Assistant/Trainer of TUVRheinland, one of the leading ISO authorities worldwide mentioned that so far, only the Ayala Alabang Village Association is the first homeowners association in the world that has applied for ISO 9001-2008 certification.


The AAVA Management has the full support of the Board in ensuring that we get the ISO certification by March 2015. Our President, Eppie Joaquin, is spearheading this initiative and has deployed his company's resources to assist in our implementation. Consolidated Training Systems, Inc, (CTSI), owned by our President, is one of the first two companies in the shipping industry in the Philippines which was ISO 9001 certified by Dets Norke Veritas of Norway in 1996. CTSI's Quality Management Team, headed by Ms. Karen S. De Jesus, serves as our consultant, pro bono, and is quite involved in our implementation. They are in our office once a week to guide and mentor the AAVA Team.


Why should AAVA care about ISO 9001 2008 Certification? ISO 9001 2008, a controlled approach to helping the organization becomes more responsive, has proven to be an effective management weapon. With the excellent Quality Management System it provides, the successful ISO certified companies have made dramatic increases in customer service, significant gains in productivity, and large reductions in quality costs. ISO is a good foundation for worthwhile Total Quality Management initiatives. We will involve both service providers and suppliers in planning and implementing ways to serve our end customers, the homeowners better.


If you are thinking that this is a big responsibility, the answer is “yes”. An organization that has been ISO certified has a valuable reputation to uphold. If our Team would see the opportunity in the difficulties in the planning and implementation stages and have the winning attitude as we work together to make things happen, there is no doubt in my mind that we will successfully get the ISO certification and reap one of the benefits of being able to meet or exceed our homeowners expectations. As we move forward, we will aim to maximize the benefits from this initiative by adopting what practitioners call “the creative discontent with the status quo”. AVB