""On-going AAVA Projects" "

SCC is being renovated to accommodate more monitoring equipment.

TWO OF THE SIX projects awarded to winning bidders by the AAVA Board during its regular Board Meeting in September were the reconstruction of creek retaining walls in 6 locations deformed and damaged by typhoon Glenda; and the renovation of the Security office cum Command Center within the AAVA office complex.

The former was awarded to Ascontech Builders which started the work October 2 and is expected completion within 60 working days, more or less. The latter was awarded to EM P Constraccion that began the reconstruction on October 8 and is scheduled completion in 30 working days, or less. Both projects were awarded to their respective bidder who submitted the bid most responsive to the requirements of the Association. The deformed or damaged creek retaining walls are along Dama de Noche; Batangas East; Tanauan Street; Back of Rustan Footbridge; Taysan and Gamao Streets.

The reconstruction of the existing Security office is to divide the 36 sq.m. floor area, equally into two parts of 18 sq.m each for the radio/telephone operators room where currently there are 2 monitors for the 28 CCTVs and adding four new monitors to “keep an eye” on 30 CCTVs more to be added. Into this room the office of the Security Desk Officer will be co-located so that there will be no more wall separating him with the radio/telephone operators.

Both these projects are the responsibility of Manuel C. Resurreccion, Head of the Projects Management Section.
In the meantime the Maintenance Operations Section under Lope Sadiasa has completed the clearing of the 6m wide by about 1000—meter long easement which at some stretch is 3-meter wide and parallel to Pili Drive to allow foot patrolling by the AAVA Security guards to deter outsiders from intruding into houses within the Village. Aside from removing the grass and shrubs, the AAVA is filling the easement with the pulverized concrete slabs removed from broken sidewalks now under repair. For the wellness program of the Association, some 10km—bike trail is laid out along easements, creek-sides and other open spaces.

Published in October 18-14, 2014 issue of AAVA News