Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


  1. How can I attend and participate in the 2021 AGM Meeting and Election?

Because of the pandemic, the 2021 AGM meeting will be held virtually. To connect to the meeting, you should have pre-registered before the deadline. Only those who pre-registered and confirmed by AAVA will be able to receive the AGM Meeting link and credentials.

Likewise, the election will be held through Online Voting System. Nevertheless, arrangements for manual voting will also be provided: (1) Mobile Ballot Box, wherein NOMELEC will bring the ballot box at your residence for you to personally deposit your pre-numbered ballot; (2) Polling Place, located at AAVA Office, wherein there will a ballot box for you to cast your vote. Please be reminded that in view of the current pandemic, health and safety protocols will be strictly observed for manual voting. Whatever option you choose, pre-registration is required.

2. Why do I need to pre-register if I want to participate in the 2021 AGM Meeting and election?

Pre-registration is a way of informing our Corporate Secretary of your intention to attend the AGMM and the NOMELEC of your desire to vote as required by the Department of Human Settlements and Urban Development (DHSUD) in their Circular 2020-003.

Moreover, this will help make our AGMM and election as orderly as possible since necessary information will become available to the coordinators of the event, such as, the total number of participants who will connect to the virtual meeting, how many members will vote online personally or through proxy, how many will prefer the mobile ballot box, etc.

3. How will I pre-register? What if I don’t have an Internet connection at home?

There are two ways: (1) Online, which is the fastest and most efficient. All you need is a smartphone and Internet connection. Just visit our website at and click the link for the pre-registration form. (2) Manual, if you don’t have the resources or skills needed or simply you prefer to fill-out the form manually. Just cut-out the pre-registration form from the recent issue of AAVA News and send it together with the copies of required documents at AAVA Office.

4. I have a standing proxy (or proxies) for this year’s AGM, do I still need to pre-register? If so, should I or the proxy be the one to register?

If you have a valid proxy for this year’s AGM, you are automatically pre-registered. The information on how to participate in the virtual meeting and election will be communicated to your proxy.

If you want to pull out your standing proxy, you have to go through the usual process of cancelling proxies by sending an email addressed to the NOMELEC at

5. What happens after I pre-register for the event?

NOMELEC will validate all registrations and documents submitted. If you are a member in good standing and qualified to attend the AGMM and/or to vote, you will receive an official correspondence informing you of the details on how you can connect to the AGMM and/or vote in the election.

6. What if I change my mind on the manner of which I will participate in the AGM after the deadline? For example, I want now to attend personally instead of a proxy? I will vote through mobile ballot box instead of online voting?

To keep everything in order, any changes after the deadline will not be allowed. This is also in accordance with the direction from the DHSUD.

7. Where can I find more information about the 2021 AGMM and Election?

Always check the latest issues of our newsletter, AAVA News. Some information about the 2021 AGM is also posted in the conspicuous places within the village. You may also visit our official website at

For concerns or inquiries, you may e-mail the NOMELEC at or AAVA at You also call our Community and External Relations Department (CERD) at (02) 8809-2282 local 213 and 214.